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Our Vision

Our purpose is to make our guests feel delighted by serving them our famous cuisines from India with an exclusive collection of wines and Indian music. We have a compact menu with few royal dishes which are exclusively available in JPs only

Why JPs ? Because everything we cook is fresh, homemade, contains organic ingredients and most of the items are order to make. 

From the Facebook


Haven't had such an amazing Indian flavors in my food.Being a food lover,I have tried almost every East Indian restaurant in the city and this place is by far the best in terms of authentic taste,freshness and distinct flavors of the spice..less oil n great taste.I had Tandoori chicken,Kadhai Chicken,Daal Makhani with Garlic Naan n tandoori roti with aloo naan and I 100% satisfied with the quality n customer service as well..great friendly staff.


Jamie Serafi

Being British I have struggled to find a curry which meets my high expectations. We ordered ahead of time and had some special off-menu dishes prepared for us. Absolutely beautiful food and very personal friendly family oriented service to match!


Super yummy. Service was fantastic. Food was fresh and flavorful. Mmmmmmmmm. The Naan bread is made fresh to order and is soooo tasty!

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